Professional Degrees


The School of Engineering and Applied Science has established the professional degree program for those students who wish to pursue course work beyond the master's degree with emphasis on applied subject material rather than on basic research. Successful completion of the professional degree program leads to the degree of Engineer or of Applied Scientist.

The minimum program consists of 30 credit hours of approved graduate courses beyond a master's degree. Students whose graduate study does not include necessary prerequisites may be required to take additional course work. The program of each professional degree candidate must be approved by the student's advisor and the department chair and include EMSE 6991, the Project for Professional Degree course. This course requires the student to prepare a comprehensive project or technical report to demonstrate the candidate's ability to make independent use of the knowledge and discipline of thought acquired through graduate study.


Scholarship Requirements

If a student studying for the professional degree receives two grades of F or three grades below B -, study is terminated and further enrollment prohibited. The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering requires a final grade-point average of at least 3.4 to receive the degree.