Dr. Broniatowski’s research on impact of Russian trolls and vaccine discussions on Twitter garners media attention

March 04, 2019

Research by Dr. David Broniatowski on the impact that social media bots and Russian trolls have had on vaccine discussions on Twitter has received recent media coverage.  Print coverage includes the February 27 Newsweek article “Why do some people believe vaccines are dangerous?", the February 16 CNN article “Science being 'debunked:' Why are some countries making a vaccine U-turn?’, the February 13 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty article “Are Russian Trolls Saving Measles From Extinction?”, and the February 8 Psychology Today article “Antivaxxers and the Plague of Science Denial.” Broadcast coverage includes NPR’s Jefferson Public Radio (JPR), and ABC and Fox affiliates KATU-ABC2 (Portland, OR) and WVAH-Fox 11 (Charleston, WV).