Dr. Broniatowski’s research on Twitter vaccine discussions mentioned in 178 news outlets

September 04, 2018

Dr. David Broniatowski’s recent research on the impact that social media bots and Russian trolls have had on vaccine discussions on Twitter continued to receive significant media attention last week.  As of August 31, the research had been mentioned in 178 news outlets.  A sampling of last week’s media coverage includes: the August 24 Agence France-Presse article, “ Russian trolls spread misinformation in vaccine debate;” the August 25 Forbes article, “That Anti-Vaccination Message May Be From A Russian Bot Or Troll;’’ the August 27 article, “ In another attack on Western society, Russian trolls sow doubt about vaccines ,’’ published in The Los Angeles Times;  the August 29 article, “Russian Twitter trolls are ‘weaponising’ the online vaccine debate= ,” published in The Telegraph (UK); and the August 30 article, “ Russian trolls fan flames in U.S. vaccine debate ,’’ published by Reuters.  In addition, The Washington Post Editorial Board published the August 28 article, “ .’’