Dr. Shittu receives a one-year $50K grant

September 26, 2016

LMI Research Institute has awarded Dr. Ekundayo Shittu a one-year $50,000 grant for his project, “Developing a Low-Cost Integrated Internet of Things Ecosystem for Asset Management.”  This project continues the development of a solution platform based on the use of IoT to create business efficiencies in parts replacement and robust condition-based maintenance, and to enhance worker productivity in certain functional areas.  Connor Roberts, a recent SEAS ECE graduate currently pursuing his MS degree in engineering management with Prof. Shittu, is the graduate student affiliated with this project.  The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command at Fort Detrick, MD, where a demo of the outcome of the first phase of this project has been shown, is keenly interested in this project.  This is the third GW project with Prof. Shittu as PI that LMI has funded over the past three years.