EMSE students present papers at IEEE Systems and Information Design Symposium

May 06, 2019

Five EMSE student teams participated in and presented research papers at the IEEE Systems and Information Design Symposium, held April 26 at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville VA.  All of their papers will be published by the IEEE as peer-reviewed conference proceedings. Papers 1-4 below resulted from the year-long EMSE undergraduate senior design course taught by Drs. Joseph Barbera, Thomas Mazzuchi, and Joost Santos.

1) Tori Monteleone, Debora Kropp, Joshua Smith, and Cooper Grever. “Railway Transportation Expansion and Resource Coverage Analysis in Nigeria.”  This paper won the Best Paper Award in the Optimization and Data Analysis Track.  It is the first time that the EMSE Department has won this award at this IEEE conference.

2) Jordan Askey, Jaclyn Bellefeuille, Sydney Eskin, and Anya Welch. “Decision Support Tool for Selecting Supplemental Energy Technologies for Healthcare Facilities in a Developing Country”

3) Andrew Khayyat, Claudia Sequera, Nathan Walk, and Ehren Wong. “Decision Support Tool to Estimate and Reduce the Probability of Readmission for Congestive Heart Failure Patients”

4) Caleb Pallaria, Tala Feda, Daniel Bernheimer, and Ashley Schnarrs. “Direct Potable Reuse Systems Risk Analysis”

5) Sean Baggott and Joost Santos. “Risk Analysis Framework for Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection of the US Electric Power Grid”