Graduate Certificates

We offer several Graduate Certificates (4 or 6 courses) for professionals or students interested in acquiring substantive depth in one of our concentration areas, but who may not be ready to commit to a full degree. All of our certificates can be rolled into our MS degrees, subject to academic performance.  

Certificate Programs 

  • Emergency Management and Public Health: This certificate program provides the skills needed to define emergencies and disasters as well as develop incident management plans for responding to and managing environmental and public health emergencies.
  • Energy Engineering and Management: This certificate program focuses on alternative energy generation and energy resources management for energy auditors, energy analysts and energy project managers with the latest information in energy efficient building design, microgrids and renewable energy development -- combined with energy economics, energy project management, and analytical methods of analyzing the viability and feasibility of energy projects. 
  • Engineering and Technology Management: This certificate program equips graduates with a specialized combination of technical acuity and business and policy acumen necessary to successfully manage modern technical organizations.
  • Environmental and Energy Systems Management: This certificate program focus on the implementation of environmental and energy management systems based on consensus standards to manage organizational risks and opportunities for analysts, project managers, analysts and auditors who seek familiarity with the latest legislative, regulatory, technical and social forces influencing environmental protection and energy sources, along with their relationship to sustainability, health, climate change, urban air quality, building design and transportation systems. 
  • Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness and Response: This certificate program provides an interdisciplinary education for those engaged in or seeking careers in homeland security, crisis, disaster and/or emergency management in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Systems Engineering: This certificate program equips students with the skills to design, integrate, and manage large-scale complex systems over their entire lifecycle.