Master of Science in Engineering Management

The Department offers a Master of Science degree in engineering management. Within this degree program, students can choose among various areas of focus. This program is also available online.

Program Overview

Designed for the technical manager who needs a broad education to keep an organization operating efficiently and working ahead of its competitors, GW's engineering management program provides graduate education in the most current management techniques for technological and scientific organizations.

Master's Degree Program Requirements

The program of study consists of 12 graduate-level courses totaling 36 credit hours. Three types of course requirements are included in the curriculum -- common course requirements, focus course requirements and approved electives. Common course requirements are taken by all students in the EMSE Master's program. Focus course requirements are taken by all students within the area of focus. Approved elective requirements are courses that require the approval of the student's individual academic advisor. These courses are detailed below.

Note: Three-digit numbers in parentheses indicate old GW course numbers. All GW courses were renumbered with 4-digit numbers, effective Fall 2010.

Common Course Requirements

  • EMSE 6001 (212) The Management of Technical Organizations
  • EMSE 6410 (260) Survey of Finance and Engineering Economics
  • EMSE 6020 (269) Decision Making with Uncertainty
  • EMSE 6801 (283) Systems Engineering I

Areas of Focus

Select any of the areas of focus below to see their course requirements:


Program Entry

The department offers a Fall, Spring, or Summer semester program entry for its MS programs. To apply for Summer semester entry for MS programs, the deadline is March 1. (Non-F1 Visa-seeking applicants only unless exception requested by faculty advisor)