Drs. Mazzuchi and Broniatowski receive SEAS Faculty Excellence Awards

May 06, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Mazzuchi and Dr. David Broniatowski, who have been named the 2019 SEAS Distinguished Teacher and 2019 SEAS Outstanding Junior Researcher, respectively.

Dr. Mazzuchi was awarded the teaching honor for his deep and varied teaching expertise.  He has taught internationally and in the US, has instructed students across a very wide age range, and has delivered online as well as traditional courses.  He has a solid technical foundation and has led his department in developing several innovative programs, including the undergraduate systems engineering program.  His students know him best for the strong sense of community he has built in the EMSE department and for his dedication to teaching and supporting them.

Dr. Broniatowski was named the SEAS Outstanding Junior Researcher for his tremendously successful and impactful research that leverages his expertise in system architecting, data analytics, and decision analysis to help inform public policy, particularly public health policy. He has published extensively, including in a wide variety of notable medical journals, and his scholarly publication on Russian bots was picked up by news outlets all over the world.  He also has been successful in securing funding for his research, most notably a $1.5 million RO1 grant from the National Institutes of Health.