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EMSE Programs and Degrees

What is Systems Engineering?

The multidisciplinary field of systems engineering applies engineering techniques and mathematical methods to improve the planning and decision making in organizational systems composed of people, machines, and procedures. By observing, understanding, modeling, and predicting the behavior of such systems, practitioners of systems engineering assist the decision-making process that seeks to design and operate the systems optimally. Systems engineering finds application in many areas, including communications, energy, environment, finance, health care, information technology, marketing, national defense, project management, software development, and transportation.

What is Applied Science and Technology?

Applied science and technology is a multidisciplinary program designed to give a student a broad knowledge base in the sciences and engineering combined with a more in-depth area of focus in another field. This program is ideal for students who are considering careers in areas other than engineering but want the breadth of engineering and science knowledge to set them apart. It also is ideal for those who are considering careers in such diverse areas as education, general science, law, public health, sales, technology management and more.

What is a Minor in Operations Research or Systems Engineering?

The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering offers an undergraduate in operations research or systems engineering.